Sex Tips & relationships Tips

■ When the penis enters easily into the vagina and causes that boredom.

■ What’s in your mind?
■ Damn she said I’m the second boyfriend and the vagina is already like this wide open this girl maze is a thug. ■ Oh young let it go, some women are really wet when they are horny and it lubricates all vaginal canal allowing so the penetraçao & the more horny, the more wet it gets
■ So much until some stop and clean the vagina.
■ Sometimes it makes that noise of the type when you throw stone in the lagoon and some women lubricate so little that so always with pain in the vagina because the penetracão seems forced and when it’s going to .
■ I’ll just leave you a message: • Boys & girls.
■ Many do not know fazeramore or sex, giving pleasure is very simple.
There are bodies that in the act sexualnão are mesmoy compatible, has no chemistry, you can tentare tentarmas she continues with the dry vagina, causes wounds &
■ Pay attention women.
Many women are dying from using absorbent or sanitary towels, the so-called (Modex) all day which is wrong. ■ It is recommended to think every 3 hours during the day you are using.
Because when that time passes, the blood becomes green and fungi appear that enter the womb.
■ Many die without knowing, become sterile and pass the disease to their partners; and in it causes prostate cancer and is completely invalid or dies. .
■ So take care: OBS:Não. Save the message, pass the others so that we can avoid certain diseases and deaths.
■ Advice for you! .
■ for those who just read what you think?

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